BOO! Spoooooooky cat photos..

Vu, (photo by Martin Muckasci), “Chez les Anti-Superstitieux”, April 3, 1935 (2009.61.101)

Masaaki Miyazawa, Once Upon a White Night, September 15, 1981, (73.1985)

Alfred Gescheidt, City Cat (New York City), 1951 (365.1984)

Weegee, [Cat], ca. 1955 (5682.1993)

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2 Responses to BOO! Spoooooooky cat photos..

  1. Darren Weinert says:

    Love it! Happy Halloween Chris and all at ICP!

  2. Chris George says:

    Thanks for writing. Thanks.
    Happy Halloween to everyone at the NSFA!

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