Witchy Women! The final, Frightening Friday!

It’s finally here, the final FRIGHTENING FRIDAY! That means: HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

Of all the things synonymous with Halloween, witches are my all time favorite. Here are some magical, mysterious ladies to honor the spookiest night of the year!

voila_2007_71_25i (2)

Voila, Une Sorciere, March 30, 1935, 2007.71.25

 Loosely translated, “Have you read the most sensational document published up until now on magic as unveiled by an initiate into wizardry who will speak to you?”

guardino_23_2001 (2)

Lois Guarino, The Owl Girl, from “Dream Transformation” series, 2001, 23.2001










E.J. Bellocq
, Storyville Portrait, New Orleans, ca. 1912 (printed ca. 1967), 33.2004

Part of a larger series of photographs, later re-printed by Lee Friedlander

miyazawa_83_1985 (2)

Masaaki Miyazawa, Awakening Sounds of Insight, May 11, 1984, 83.1985


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