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Tricks and Treats…

Weegee, Unemployed Television Actor, ca. 1954 Weegee, [Man wearing costume], ca. 1954 Weegee, A Boy, 1954 Weegee, Artist Bill Dorr, as a Java Temple God, ca. 1954 Weegee, Rembrandt, ca. 1954

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Amelia Earhart’s Enduring Image

New York Times, June 10, 1928 Vu, May 25, 1932 [Flyer promoting Amelia Earhart’s speaking engagement in Tucson, Arizona], 1933 (Portrait by Ben Pinchot) Unidentified Photographer, [Amelia Earhart], 1936 [Gap advertisement featuring Amelia Earhart ca. 1930 wearing khakis in front … Continue reading

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Fabulous Furs

Leon Levinstein, [Man in suit, woman in fur coat], 1954 Alfred Eisenstaedt, A New York vacationer in Miami Beach, 1940 Weegee, “Fire on Fifth Avenue,” February 17, 1941

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Skid Row

Weegee, Skid Row, ca. 1951 Weegee crisscrossed the country in 1950, promoting a movie called The Sleeping City (directed by George Sherman, “Danger Stalks the Silent Streets in…The Sleeping City,” Universal Pictures, 1950). When Weegee returned to California, he created … Continue reading

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Autumn in the Forbidden City

Hong Lei, Autumn in the Forbidden City: Eastern Veranda, 1997 Hong Lei, Autumn in the Forbidden City: Western Veranda, 1997 There is a eerie nostalgia to Hong Lei’s pair of photographs, Autumn in the Forbidden City: Western Veranda and Autumn in … Continue reading

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Cause of failures… (You Press the Button, We Do the Rest)

W.R. McKeen Jr., Kodak No. 2 negatives, ca. 1891 These envelopes, dated November 4, 1891, contained 87 “good” negatives and 12 “failures.” The negatives were from a No. 2 Kodak camera. After 100 exposures were made, the camera was sent … Continue reading

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The North Gate of Baghdad (After Corot)

Simon Norfolk, The North Gate of Baghdad (After Corot), from Scenes from a Liberated Iraq, 2003 Simon Norfolk depicts landscapes affected by the perils of war and genocide. While showing the destruction caused by conflict, he also highlights signs of life … Continue reading

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Che Guevara, died October 9, 1967

Unidentified Photographer, [Body of Che Guevara], October 10, 1967 The typed caption on the print reads: Body said to be Guevara’s–This is a close-up of the body displayed by Bolivian army officers today at Vallegrande and said to be that … Continue reading

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Civilisation: Catcity and Dogcity

Vu, December 18, 1929, no. 92, pp. 1075-76 (photos by International Graphic Press)

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Irving Penn, 1917-2009

Irving Penn, Mrs. William Rhinelander Stewart, New York, May 20, 1948

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