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Manchuria-Graph, January 1937 Known in its earliest incarnations as Pictorial Manchuria (1933) and Manchuria Pictorial (1934),  Manchuria-Graph (1935–44) was published under the auspices of the public relations department of the South Manchuria Railway Company. The company, which maintained all of … Continue reading

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Wall and Sidewalk Drawings Show What Goes on in the Minds of New York Children…

“Gangsters may replace Indians, but kids still love the secret passage that opens to the initiated as if by magic, revealing strange and dangerous adventures. To the writer of this proud boast, “detective” stands for glamor plus much-admired toughness.” “We … Continue reading

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Fazal Sheikh: The Victor Weeps

Fazal Sheikh, Child killed in Soviet bombardment, Afghan refugee village, Ghazi, Northwestern Frontier Province, Pakistan, 1997 There is no light in the eyes of a childless man. Fazal Sheikh, Haji Qiamuddin holding a photograph of his brother, Asamuddin, Afghan refugee … Continue reading

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Happy Valentine’s Day

André Kertész, Glass Birds of New York, 1978 Weegee, [Heartbreak Pillow], ca. 1945 Unidentified Photographer, [Unidentified Woman], ca. 1930 Vik Muniz, Memory Rendering of Kiss at Times Square, from the “Best of LIFE” series, 1995 Vu, September 27, 1933

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Fashion Week

William Klein, Patrick Kelly, from the “Backstage” series, 1987 Stephen Shore, Paraphernalia’s Opening and Show, 1966 Bill Eppridge, Watching Chanel Opening in Paris, 1966 Barbra Streisand, Elsa Martinelli and others wearing Chanel suits, and Marlene Dietrich N.R. Farbman, [Models in … Continue reading

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Richard Prince, Untitled, 1983 Cindy Sherman, Untitled, 1979 Gregory Crewdson, Untitled, 1998 Pina Yolacan, Untitled, from the “Perishables” series, 2004 A photographer’s conscious decision to leave his work untitled is both a burden and a blessing for the work’s audience. … Continue reading

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Snow Day!

Vu, January 13, 1932 Weegee, Snow Man in Front of Unisphere, ca. 1965 Unidentified Photographer, [20-Foot Snow Sculpture of Amelia Earhart, Virginia], February 28, 1938 Robert Capa, [Children playing in the snow, Hankou, China], March 1938

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Oh My!

Martin Munkacsi, [Two men with a sea lion], ca. 1930 Weegee, [Woman and tiger], ca. 1960 Roman Vishniac, [Polar bear], ca. 1921

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Happy 80th Birthday Nathan Lyons!

Nathan Lyons, Untitled, from the “Notations in Passing” series, 1962–74 Nathan Lyons is a photographer (Verbal Landscape/Dinosaur Sat Down, Notations in Passing, Riding First Class on the Titanic!, After 9/11), educator (founder of Visual Studies Workshop), curator/coordinator (John Wood: On … Continue reading

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Recent Acquisition: Francesca Woodman

Francesca Woodman, Polka Dots, November 1976 Courtesy George and Betty Woodman American photographer Francesca Woodman created a beguiling and important body of work during her short nine-year career. Working primarily with black-and-white photography, she mined some of the same themes … Continue reading

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