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Not The New York Times

Gran Fury, The New York Crimes, March 28, 1989 The Yes Men, The New York Times, November 12, 2008

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Turkey Worship

Baron Wilhelm von Gloeden, Boy with Turkey, ca. 1920

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Gene Smith’s Jazz Loft Archive

W. Eugene Smith, Oops Girl and daughter Shana, Loft Stairwell, ca. 1958 W. Eugene Smith, Dave Young, ca. 1960 The photographs and audio recordings that W. Eugene Smith made from 1957–65, inside 821 Sixth Ave., are the subject of a … Continue reading

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Stills from Zapruder film of JFK Assassination

Abraham Zapruder, [Frames 238, 312, 313, 314 and other stills from 8mm home movie of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy Jr.], November 22, 1963 Zapruder Film © 1967 (Renewed 1995) The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza The … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday to Us

Weegee, [Party], ca. 1953 Fans in a Flashbulb turns one year old today! Thanks to everyone who visited our site over the past year. We hope you keep coming back!

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New York City Nightspots

Weegee, Billie Dauscha (left) and Mabel Sidney (right), Bowery Entertainers, December 4, 1944 Dan Weiner, El Morocco New York City, 1955 Tod Papageorge, Studio 54 with Balloon, 1978

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Girls in the Windows

Ormond Gigli, Girls in the Windows, 1960 In 1960, while a construction crew dismantled a row of brownstones right across from my own brownstone studio on East 58th Street, I was inspired to somehow immortalize those buildings. I had the … Continue reading

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Le Triomphe de la Femme

Vu, March 12, 1930, no. 104, p. 203 (photos by André Kertész) Vu, March 12, 1930, no. 104, cover (photo by Alban)

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Armistice Day

Ralph Morse, First celebration of Armistice Day in Paris after Liberation, November 11, 1944 Robert Capa, [Veterans of World War I in the Armistice Day parade commemorating the anniversary of the end of that war, Paris], November 11, 1936

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Twenty years ago today, the fall of the Berlin Wall opened the way to German reunification and contributed to the eventual fall of the Soviet Union. While the political legacy of these events is still contentious, few mourn the physical presence … Continue reading

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