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Summer Reading List

A bit of inspiration for high school students who eventually may have to write a book report of one of the following authors: Robert Capa, [Ernest Hemingway reading his notes, Sun Valley, Idaho], 1940-41 Nickolas Muray, [D.H. Lawrence], ca. 1925 … Continue reading

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Is She…

Elinor Carucci, Feet Moving On Bed, 1999 jumping up and down? lying down and kicking her feet? a policewoman? a teacher? a dancer? a grandmother-to-be? exited? frustrated? happy? For the complete “Closer” series from Elinor Carucci, the 2001 ICP Infinity … Continue reading

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Image of a Magic City

Ernst Haas, [Central Park, New York City], 1952 “A final glow of sun illumines the tower of the Hotel Pierre and sends a radiant image across the lake in Central Park” is the caption of Ernst Haas’ image in the … Continue reading

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another one bites the dust…

“ROCHESTER, N.Y., June 22 — Eastman Kodak Company announced today that it will retire Kodachrome Color Film this year, concluding its 74-year run as a photography icon. Sales of Kodachrome Film, which became the world’s first commercially successful color film … Continue reading

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The original purpose remains mysterious…

it’s the 2009 summer solstice… Paul Caponigro, Stonehenge, 1978

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69 years ago…

PM Daily, Vol. 1, No. 1, June 18, 1940 On June 18, 1940, PM newspaper started publishing. PM was an innovative and progressive (and relatively expensive) liberal daily newspaper. The first issue is somewhat typical: articles about World War II … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Igor

W. Eugene Smith, Igor Stravinsky, ca. 1951 Arnold Newman, Stravinsky, 1946 Cornell Capa, [Igor Stravinsky, Venice], 1951 “I know that the twelve notes in each octave and the variety of rhythm offer me opportunities that all of human genius will … Continue reading

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Gisele Freund, Three generations of Joyces. James Joyce, seated, Giorgio standing, and Stephen playing with Schiap the dog Schiaparelli gave him, while Helen Joyce (Giorgio’s wife) looks on. Taken in the garden of Giorgio’s house in Paris, 1938 Gisele Freund, … Continue reading

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Cyanotype Postcards

Unidentified Photographer, Feeding the Squirrels, ca. 1908 Unidentified Photographer, [Interior], ca. 1908 Unidentified Photographer, [Unidentified Girl], ca. 1908 Unidentified Photographer, [Boat], ca. 1906 Unidentified Photographer, [Boat (verso)], ca. 1906 The cyanotype process was introduced by Sir John W.F. Herschel in … Continue reading

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D-Day (Digital Day) 2009

Cornell Capa, The fourth and last of the Kennedy-Nixon debates (held in New York City), as seen on the television of a New York bar, Oct. 21, 1960 Cornell Capa, Television comedian and talk-show host Jack Paar at home, watching … Continue reading

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