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Jazz and Jam

Gjon Mili, Duke Ellington, piano, 1943 Trained as an engineer and self-taught in photography, Gjon Mili came to the United States in 1923 and became a Life photographer in 1938. In his field Mili was renowned for his pioneering work … Continue reading

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Tule Lake Internment Camp

Carl Mydans, [Young man playing guitar in the stockade, Tule Lake Internment Camp, Newell, California], 1944 Caption published in Life, March 20, 1944 issue: What it feels like to be a prisoner is shown in expression of this young Japanese … Continue reading

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Frank H. Hodges’s Columbia Poultry Farm, Red Bank, New Jersey

[Album of Frank H. Hodges’s Columbia Poultry Farm, Red Bank, New Jersey], ca. 1904 Frank H. Hodges (1869–after 1916) raised award-winning birds at his Columbia Poultry Farm in Red Bank, New Jersey. Hodges was born in New York and spent … Continue reading

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May Day

John Filo, [Mary Ann Vecchio grieving over body of college student Jeffrey Glen Miller shot during an anti-war demonstration by National Guardsman at Kent State University, Ohio], May 4, 1970 In this image Mary Ann Vecchio kneels over Jeffrey Miller, … Continue reading

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In Carnegie the Man with the Face of Christ Sits Alone

PM Daily, January 19, 1945,  p. 13 (photo by John De Biase) PM Daily, January 19, 1945, p. 13 (text by Natalie Davies and photo by John De Biase) About two years before Louie Hardin became Moondog (in memory of … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, Brooklyn Bridge!

Brett Weston, Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan Bridge, New York, ca. 1945 On this day in 1883, John Robeling’s beautiful Brooklyn Bridge officially opened, connecting Manhattan and Brooklyn.

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May is Bike Month in New York City!

Unidentified Photographer, [Unidentified Woman with Bicycle], 1930s Unidentified Photographer, [Unidentified Man with Bicycle], ca. 1910–30 Martin Munkácsi, [Woman with bicycle, Bermuda], ca. 1938 Martin Munkácsi, [Woman on boulder with bicycle], 1936 Weegee, [Circus bear riding a bicycle], ca. 1955 May … Continue reading

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Vladimir Syomin

Vladimir Syominm, Kiev near Kiev – Pecherskaya Lavra, September 1997 Vladimir Syomin, Village Krupets, Kursk Region, Russia, October 1996 Vladimir Syomin, Frozen birds after storm, Novorossiysk City, Krasnodar Territory, Russia, December 1997 Vladimir Syomin, “Work,” Timashevsk, Krasnodar Territory, Russia, October … Continue reading

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Robert Frank, Tattoo Parlor, 8th Avenue, New York City, 1951 Cover photography and concept, Robert Frank, Rolling Stones, Exile on Main Street, 1972 The Rolling Stones’ (May 12) 1972 album Exile On Main Street will be re-released today. A special … Continue reading

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Female Photographers Take on the World

Susan Meiselas, Wedding reception in the countryside, Santiago Nonualco, 1983 Susan Meiselas, Funeral procession for Arlen Siu, assassinated student leader, Jinotepe, Nicaragua, 1978 Shirin Neshat, Passage Series, 2001 The works of both the American photographer Susan Meiselas and the Iranian-born, … Continue reading

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