Color of the Year: Classic Cyanotype

Helen Gale, Snapshots by Helen Gale, 1904-1906 (2009.32.13)

Unidentified photographer, [Unidentified woman sitting on fallen tree in forest], ca. 1909 (1993.1.9)

Unidentified photographer, Feeding the Squirrels, ca. 1908 (1993.1.2)

Announcing the Color of the Year 2020: Classic Cyanotype.

A timeless, at least since 1842 (thank you John Herschel), and endearing blue, Classic Cyanotype mirrors the sky and is bathed in water, it’s “a dependable and stable foundation.” Classic Cyanotype embraces “the reassuring qualities” of ferric ammonium citrate. Classic Cyanotype is a “cheaper, simpler, more stable alternative to silver albumen, silver collodion, and silver gelatin photographic printing processes.” ( Classic Cyanotype is reminiscent of blueberry pie. Classic Cyanotype posses a more attractive scent than blue cheese. Classic Cyanotype is like a peaceful and clear mirror, bathing and reflecting… a new you… an old blue(s)…

Unidentified photographer, [River Baptism], ca. 1900 (2007.107.30)

I Asked For Water, Howlin Wolf; Chester Burnet, 1953

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