I Love You

Tracey Mancenido-Tribble, James Frank TribbleI Love You, Harlem, 2011 (2013.60.115)

Lou BernsteinN.Y. Aquarium, 1977 (95.1992)

Weegee, [Act of Love, Astor Theatre, Times Square, New York], 1954 (14698.1993)

Jürgen SchadebergGolf Lesson, Alexandra Township, 1954 (2014.8.5)

Regards, April 14, 1938 (2007.71.125)

Ed KashiGerald Gross and Ricky Caminetti fell in love in their eighties. She refused to sleep with him before they got married, so he proposed within a week of their first date. Their wedding was held at a synagogue in North Miami, and over 200 guests attended, 2000 (2006.41.9)


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