Four by Freund: James Joyce in Paris, 1938

Gisele Freund, Joyce is often found here in the famous little bookshop of Sylvia Beach, Shakespeare and Company. Here we see him having a chat with Sylvia Beach, who published [on February 2, 1922] the first edition of Ulysses in her shop, and Adrienne Monnier publisher of the French translation of “Ulysses.” Mlle. Monnier is also editor and publisher of La Gazette des Amis du Livre and owner of a French bookshop across the street from Shakespeare and Company, 1938 (2490.2005)

Gisele Freund, [Portrait of James Joyce], 1938 (1187.2005)

Gisele Freund, [Portrait of James Joyce], 1938 (1188.2005)

Gisele Freund, Three generations of Joyces. James Joyce, seated, Giorgio standing, and Stephen playing with Schiap the dog Schiaparelli gave him, while Helen Joyce (Giorgio’s wife looks on). Taken in the garden of Giorgio’s house in Paris, 1938 (1189.2005)

Berenice Abbott speaking about photographing James Joyce (1882-1941) and Nora Barnacle and Abbott’s portraits of Joyce and Barnacle can be heard and seen here.

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