Weegee’s Cats

Weegee, “…and the cat!”, November 25, 1943 (13996.1993)

PM, November 25, 1943, p. 12

How to Wreck a Tavern – Cold Sober!
Federal men took care of Walsh’s Bar and Grill, 213 Tenth Ave. after place was accused of taking bad care of its customers by selling bootleg liquor. First they stacked the wet goods on the bar…
…then they started to dismantle the place. here they take the beer cooling system apart. According to Government boys, a number of local taverns were refilling standard bottles with the newly made stuff.
Then they took the palms…
…and the cash register…
and the bar…
…and the cigaret machine…
…and the juke box…
…and the cat!
Photos by Weegee, PM, November 25, 1943, p. 12

Weegee, “At midnight both the elite and bums have left Sammy’s on the Bowery; only a milk-drinker remains while Sammy counts the receipts”, April 1, 1945 (14304.1993)

PM, April 1, 1945

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