Working to Break up the Break: Celebrate International Coffee Day!

owens_bill_2389_2005Bill Owens, I used to be a chef and my partner was a garbage foreman, 1974 (2389.2005)

mydans_carl_181_2005Carl Mydans [French tank brigade near Verdun, France], June 1940 (181.2005)


Carl Mydans [Sand hogs, Midtown Tunnel breakroom, New York], 1939 (189.2005)


Russell Lee, Combine Workers Eating Breakfast, 1943-50 (210.1983)

weegee_15135_1993Weegee, Fire, July 27, 1941 (15135.1993)

“Long hours don’t mean good work—highly efficient, productive work is more valuable,” Dr. Levine says in a New York Times article, published June 16, 2012 by Phyllis Korkki, outlining the benefits of regular breaks from the work day routine. When you come right down to it, Dr. Levine says, “the work should break up the break.” In summary of a summary, whatever your “work,” consider the benefits of taking a few quality breaks. And on September 29, in Canada, England, Ethiopia, Malaysia, Sweden, and the United States, in honor of International Coffee Day in those countries, consider carefully your beverage of choice.

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