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Celebrate National Ice Cream Month!

Weegee, Photographer Weegee Disguised as an Ice Cream Peddler in Theater, ca. 1943 Henri Cartier-Bresson, Dressed-up women, with popular flower print patterns, eat ice cream, a Russian custom, during an intermission at the Moscow circus, 1954 Mike Disfarmer, [Unidentified Woman … Continue reading

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Let’s Eat! A kernel of truth…

Ruzzie Green, [Advertisement: Tippi Hedren]. ca. 1940 Lisette Model, Gallagher’s People, 1945 David “Chim” Seymour, Loyalist pilots from a Republican airbase resting near their Moscas plane, Spain, 1936 Robert Capa, [Women eating and drinking on a stone bench, Lisieux, France], … Continue reading

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