International Women’s Day

Graciela IturbideNuestra Señora de las Iguanas, 1979 (130.1995)

Barbara MorganMartha Graham, 1935 (1.1978.g)

Unidentified Photographer, [Unidentified Woman with Camera], ca. 1935 (437.2005)

Lisa Larsen, [Virva Rolleid preparing to throw javelin, Spartakiad, Moscow], 1956 (2008.4.125)

International Women’s Day celebrates the political, social, cultural and economical achievements of women worldwide and commemorates their struggle for equal rights.

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Snapshots by Helen Gale

Helen Gale, Snapshots by Helen Gale, 1904-06 (2009.32.13)

Made in South Western Oregon in the beginning of the 20th century, in gold rush towns founded in the last half the 1800s, this delightful album is full of portraits of the artist and her friends and neighbors and their cats and dogs.

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Amelia Earhart

Unidentified Photographer, [Amelia Earhart, Philadelphia], December 15, 1930 (1336.2005)

Unidentified Photographer, [Amelia Earhart surrounded by trophies], August 4, 1936 (1344.2005)

Unidentified Photographer, [Amelia Earhart and her Lockheed Electra above the Golden Gate Bridge], March 17, 1937 (1329.2005)

Amelia Earhart is among those rare celebrities who are as familiar today as they were in their own time. Photographs of the iconic aviator, with tousled hair, leather jacket, and silk scarf, helped to secure her fame and ensure its perpetuation. Her disappearance over the Pacific Ocean in 1937 is undeniably part of the story; the dramatic and unsolved circumstances of her demise, and the lack of physical evidence, are powerful factors to contribute to keeping her image alive in the popular consciousness, and the trope of the popular hero who dies dramatically at the height of fame is a familiar one. […]

She has become an increasingly abstract symbol -of the thrill and danger of adventure, of the possibilities for women, and of the courage to break with the past and conventional expectations. In this process, her image has become consolidated, and only those photographs that convey those ideals can stand in for her. A dramatic and conspiracy theory-plagued disappearance (rather than death) has kept the narrative open-ended, and aided in the afterlife of photographs of Earhart. But it is the continued need for a symbol of the ideals she embodies that is the source of their relevance and appeal.” 

Kristen Lubben, “Fame, Flight, and the New Woman: Photographs of Amelia Earhart” in Amelia Earhart: Image and Icon, 2007.

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Carrie Mae Weems: “Color Real and Imagined”


Carrie Mae Weems, Color Real and Imagined, from the Blue Notes Photographic Project, 2014 (2015.15.1)

ICP Spotlights: Carrie Mae Weems in Conversation with Isolde Brielmaier

The artist’s website:

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Toni Frissell

Toni Frissell (1907-1988), Five Girls Running, New York, 1930s (2.1979)

Toni Frissell (1907-1988), [American soldier in bombed church in World War II, Italy], January 1945 (5.1979)

Toni Frissell (1907-1988), My Daughter Sidney and Her Grandmother, Long Island, June 1944 (4.1979)

Margaretta K. Mitchell, Toni Frissell, 1978 (32.1983)

Toni Frissell (1907-1988). Along the shore of Long Island Sound the clear winter sky follows a narrow curving road bordered by slender trees. Behind them appears a stately white seventeenth-century house lit sharply by the brilliant sunlight reflected against snow still on the ground. A pond in the foreground edged by a broad weeping willow lends a nineteenth-century touch to the scene. Indeed, entering the gate is like stepping into a Currier and Ives print. Speaking from the deep curved-back Victorian chair over coffee after dinner, Toni Frissell recalls her life’s story as it were a book, each chapter an adventure story. She tells stories in sequence, inspired by the pictures in the piles of red leather scrapbooks she has kept over the years. Her husband, Mac, interjects his own memories, and after a while it is all there: friends and family scenes, the spectacular skiing trips they have shared, the sports and the fashions, the rich and famous, tea with the Churchills at Number 10 Downing Street, the experience of following American soldiers during World War II at the Italian font or on an air base in England. In photographs of her then and now Toni shows an innate sense of style, fashionably lean and elegant. Throwing a loden cape over her shoulders, she still looks the part of the fashionable, dashing, young-hearted photographer she played throughout her long career.
Margaretta K. Mitchell: “Recollections: Ten Women of Photography,” 1979, p.102.

Words are from the exhibition catalog, Recollections: Ten Women of Photography
September 21, 1979 – November 04, 1979. “This exhibition studies the lives of ten women and reveals in each a versatility previously obscured and a greatness not fully recognized. Berenice Abbott, Ruth Bernhard, Carlotta M. Corpron, Louise Dahl-Wolfe, Nell Dorr, Toni Frissell, Laura Gilpin, Lotte Jacobi, Consuelo Kanaga, Barbara Morgan. Each photographer is represented by twenty images. Curated by Margaretta K. Mitchell.

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Madoka Takagi: New York

Madoka Takagi, Brooklyn Manhattan Bridge, 1990 (2011.71.30)

Madoka Takagi, 10th Ave./17th St. , 1990 (2011.71.61)

Madoka Takagi, Amsterdam Ave./112th St., 1990 (2011.61.81)

Madoka Takagi, 175th St./Broadway, 1990 (2011.71.28)

Madoka Takagi, 12th St./Greenwich St., 1990 (2011.71.89)

Madoka Takagi, 10th Ave./18th St., 1990 (2011.71.60)

Madoka Takagi’s “New York” is comprised of 90 platinum palladium photographs made in 1989-1990, in New York City.

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Esther Bubley

Esther Bubley (1921-1998), Tailor Shop, Ouro Preto, Brazil, ca. 1956 (47.1998)

Esther Bubley (1921-1998), [Untitled], ca. 1940s (133.1983)

Esther Bubley (1921-1998), Painters on the Brooklyn Bridge, 1946 (134.1983)

Esther Bubley (1921-1998), [Battery of extractors used in the lead determination test, Inspection Laboratory, Standard Oil Development Co., Linden, New Jersey], 1940s (2009.21.1)

Esther Bubley (1921-1998), [Untitled], ca. 1940s (134.1983)

The Esther Bubley archive.

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