Wendy Ewald (Working in Ráquira, Columbia)

Alirio Casas, A dream that Rubiela lost her body, 1982-83 (3809.1992)

Alirio Casas, My mother drinking coffee in the kitchen after she made dinner, 1982-83 (3806.1992)

Fanny Valero, Uriel saddling the burro, 1982-83 (3804.1992)

Dalida Reyes, My first Communion dress hanging on the wall, 1982-83 (3811.1992)

[Wendy Ewald], [Untitled], 1988 (3794.1992)

The introduction, before the slides, of Wendy Ewald’s lecture, “The Innocent Eye,” at ICP on March 14, 1990:

Wendy Ewald speaking at ICP about working in Columbia, from 1982 to 1985, on March 14, 1990:

[Wendy Ewald], Pregnant woman standing in the rain outside her home, 1987 (3789.1992)

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