Carlotta Corpron: Solarized Calla Lilies and Rae Ann with Amaryllis

Carlotta Corpron (1901-1987), Solarized Calla Lilies, 1948 (printed 1978) (59.1982)

Carlotta Corpron (1901-1987), Rae Ann with Amaryllis, 1945 (printed 1978) (64.1982)

Margaretta K. Mitchell, Carlotta M. Corpron, 1978 (29.1983)

Carlotta M. Corpron (1901-1987). The ultramodern Dallas-Fort Worth Airport is an appropriate place to meet Carlotta Corpron, a photographer whose work was ultramodern in its time. She is a tall pale woman with kind blue eyes behind glasses; she walks with an elegant silver-handled cane and is dressed in a black and white staccato print dress. She is amused that the rhythm of the print is reminiscent of the design of one of her photographs. It is a hot, flat drive to Denton, which has been her home for over forty years. There on a quiet tree-shaded street she lives in a single-story clapboard house, where two Siamese cats wait on the front porch. Over a long weekend our dialogue ranges from her childhood in India to the power of light as a creative force. She often speaks of students with whom she became friends and whose careers and families are a part of her own. Her collection of antique Indian brass and small tapestries and a small selection of her own photographs are placed carefully in the room for enjoyment. It is such a restful environment for talk that the time of day is easily forgotten as she traces the story of her life and work.
Margaretta K. Mitchell: “Recollections: Ten Women of Photography,” 1979, p.48.

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  1. ‘Solarized Calla Lilies’ is an all around real beauty.

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