“Sen. John F. Kennedy tips his Kelly green party hat…”

St. Patrick’s Day, Sean Nolan’s Dublin Orchestra, 1928.

unidentified_artist_1_2005_p copy
Unidentified Artist, [JFK scrapbook], ca. 1968 (1.2005)

The Hat My Father Wore Upon St. Patrick’s Day, Colin O’More; William Jerome; Jean Schwartz, 1927.

Unidentified Photographer, [John F. Kennedy attending annual pre-St. Patrick’s Day Congressional Party, Washington, DC], March 15, 1960 (2012.91.18)

Washington, March 15 – Kelly Green for Kennedy – Sen. John F. Kennedy [1917-1963] tips his Kelly green party hat as he attends a pre-St. Patrick’s Day Congressional Party in Washington tonight. Kennedy, a candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination, was attending the affair given annually by Rep. Michael J. Kirwan (D-Ohio) in honor of St. Patrick. 1960. AP wirephoto caption on verso.

Reviewing St. Patrick’s Day Parade, Flanagan Brothers, 1926.

Weegee (1899-1968), [Pigs’ Heads, St. Patrick’s Day, Come and Get It], ca. 1945 (17850.1993)

St. Patrick’s Day, Prince’s Band, Educational Department, 1912.

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