Jill Freedman: “Ireland – A love story”

Jill Freedman (1939-2019), Sam and Star, County Leitrim, 1981 (19.1988)

Jill Freedman (1939-2019), Fair Day, County Leitrim, 1973 (18.1988)

Jill Freedman (1939-2019), The Silver Fleece, County Leitrim, 1973 (43.1988)

Jill Freedman (1939-2019), Great Sheep Dog, County Leitrim, 1973 (8.1988)

Jill Freedman (1939-2019), Cliffs of Moher, County Clare, 1974 (35.1988)

Ireland – A love story

I think of my work in Ireland as a love poem: a celebration of the beauty of the land, the warmth of her people, the simplicity of the old ways and traditions, the humor and conviviality, the sharp wit and black moods, the kindness.

Today, our vision of that country is colored by the violence of the North or the visual cliches: freckled kids in Irish sweaters; all those green, green fields. It is an older, gentler Ireland I am documenting, a wild and passionate beauty that I feel is the last place on earth.

I want to get it down now, while there are still people who remember a time that was, places that were, that will never be again.

Jill Freedman (1939-2019), Teddy Girls, Dublin, 1973 (36.1988)

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