A Window into Weegee’s “Naked City”

Unidentified photographer, [Window display for Weegee’s Naked City at The Chaucer Head Book Shop, New York], (20053.1993)

Photographs, the citizens and constituents that populate and compose Weegee’s Naked City, including (Arrested for Vagrancy, The Critic, Frank Sinatra, Paramount Theater, Metropolitan Opera House Rehearsal, [Circus performer Miss Victory (Eglie Zacchini)], I Cried When I Took This Picture, [Afternoon crowd at Coney Island, Brooklyn], [Frank Pape], [Ritz the puppy], etc., etc.) and books galore comprise the out of this world window display at the swanky Chaucer Head Book Shop (located at 22 East 55th St., PL aza 3-8888 in 1940). Naked City, recently and resplendently republished by Damiani and ICP, composed almost entirely from photos and negatives from the Weegee archive, includes a great essay by the Weegee biographer, will be available soon in (libraries and) book shops everywhere.

Weegee (1899-1968), Naked City, 2020

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