“I love you as I never did before.”

Lucien Aigner (1901-1999), At the Luxembourg Gardens, Paris, ca. 1934 (338.1982)

Alfred Eisenstaedt (1898-1995), [Wartime Farewells, Pennsylvania Station, New York], 1944 (1448.2005)

Sailor Fred McDow passionately kissing his girlfriend Ethel Huseland goodbye, as a friend stands by watching uncomfortably, in Pennsylvania Station before returning to duty after a 66-hr. leave.

Leon Levinstein (1910-1988), [Couple kissing, Paris], 1970s (2014.57.3)

Weegee (1899-1968), At a Midtown bar, ca. 1942 (2164.1993)

John Albert, [Isidore Bass kissing his wife at a party for couples who have been married at least 50 years, New York], 1948 (2013.115.59)

“I love you as I never did before.” Isidore Bass, of 470 Montgomery St., Brooklyn, kisses his bride of 65 years. Thirty-seven couples, all married 50 years or more, attended the party. PM, June 7, 1948.

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1 Response to “I love you as I never did before.”

  1. crea2010 says:

    Weegee’s eye and timing are brilliant here.

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