“As Johnson was sworn in…”

Cecil B. Stoughton, This was the scene in the cabin of the Presidential airplane in Dallas, Nov. 22, 1963, as Lyndon B. Johnson was sworn in shortly after the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Administering the oath was Judge Sarah T. Hughes. November 22, 1963, (1914.2005)

Unidentified photorgapher, [Television image of Lyndon B. Johnson’s swearing-in ceremony aboard Air Force One], November 22, 1963 (2013.44.13)

AP 112524 11/25/63 WASHINGTON: Like a little soldier, John F. Kennedy Jr., who celebrated his 3rd birthday 11/25, salutes as the casket of his father, the late Pres. Kennedy, is carried from St. Matthew’s Cathedral. UPI TELEPHOTO

Stan Stearns, [John F. Kennedy Jr. saluting his father’s casket as it is carried from Saint Matthew’s Cathedral, Washington, D.C.], November 25, 1963 (1911.2005)

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