Jane Fonda: “A place in the sun all her own”

Before “Hanoi Jane,” a best actress Oscar, the workouts and decades in the spotlight, Jane Fonda was Barbarella.

[Jane Fonda wearing space-age costume in publicity still for Roger Vadim’s film “Barbarella”], (2461.2005)

Life, March 29, 1968

Fonda covered the March 28, 1968 issue of Life magazine as her character Barbarella, from the Roger Vadim film of the same name. In the movie, Barbarella, a space adventurer, is sent by the United Earth government to find and defeat an evil scientist said to have created a weapon with the power to destroy humanity.

Fonda Revealed: Wild as the sea and the rocks behind her, Jane Fonda poses daringly on the beach, (1823.2005)

Life, March 28, 1968, p. 68

Two years after her appearance nearly-nude on a beach in Life, accompanied by an article that begins with a mention of her famous father, Fonda took further control of her own image, becoming a staunch and visible Vietnam War protestor, known to all as “Hanoi Jane.”

Andy WarholJane Fonda, 1982, (2014.6.4)

Jane Fonda continues, at age 81, to act as a real-life Barbarella, taking on the forces that threaten humanity. Today marked the fourth Friday in a row she was arrested at the United States Capitol, demonstrating in favor of climate change legislation.

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