Baseball Behind Bars

Jacob Riis, Juvenile Asylum Playground, ca. 1888 – ca. 1898 (190.1982)

Erich Salomon, Prisoners watching baseball game, courtyard of New York County Jail, 1932 (111.1986)

W. Eugene Smith, [White All-Stars Baseball team of prisoners at Ohio Penitentiary, Columbus, Ohio], 1941 (1574.2005)

Prisons Turn To Sports Programs

No longer than 20 years ago, prisoners in many States were confined in dank, dark cells, fed bad food, roughly treated by brutal guards and forced to work long hours with little recreation. Today, enlightened prison authorities treat their prisoners not as brutish animals to be cages but as men well worth the trouble of rehabilitation. One of the most effective means they have found to this end is sports…
Life, May 5, 1941, pp. 49-55

The Baseball Polka,” performed by Johnny Vadnal and his Orchestra and the Carroll Sisters and the Vadnal Trio, 1950

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