“Look What The Cop Dragged In!”

PM, October 24, 1941, p. 15 [detail]

An editorial published in The New York Post on October 23, 1941 called for the arrest of Joseph McWilliams:

For Magistrate Hoppin

On Sept. 3, 1941, Magistrate William Hoppin in Uptown Traffic Court sentenced Joseph McWilliams to sixty days in the workhouse and suspended the sentence on McWilliams’ promise to stop making anti-Semitic speeches. This was McWilliams’ second trial on a charge of disorderly conduct brought because his attacks on the Jews were initiations to violence.

By Magistrate Hoppins’ word, McWilliams would have to serve his sentence if he broke his promise.

We call the magistrate’s attention to these incidents:

On September 24 […]

On October 1 […]

On October 15 […]

The Post believes these are clear violations of the terms of Joe McWilliams’ parole. He has broken his solemn word. We see no reason why he should not be compelled to serve the full remainder of his 60 day sentence.

We call upon Magistrate Hoppin to revoke the suspension. Joe McWilliams should be arrested and begin serving his sentence at once.

The New York Post, October 23, 1941

McWilliams founded of the Christian Mobilizers group in 1939. The next year he started “the American Destiny party and became its candidate for Congress.” (“‘Mobilizer’ Leader Fined for Speech,” New York Times, July 7, 1940.) He was arrested numerous times, in the summer of 1940 it was for disorderly conduct while giving a speech.

Several hours after the Post editorial McWilliams was arrested; he was 37 years old. Weegee photographed McWilliams at Police Headquarters around midnight; a picture of evil.

PM, October 24, 1941, p. 15

Look What The Cop Dragged In!

Joe McWilliams, the nasty Yorkville Jew-baiter, is in jail again. He is charged with violating the terms of a 60-day sentence imposed in September. He had promised not to attack Jews at his street-corner meetings. Yesterday the New York Post in an editorial called on Magistrate William Hoppin to revoke suspension of the sentence. The Post said McWilliams had continued to attack Jews, at an American Destiny Party meeting in Astoria Casino, at Wiloth’s Park in the Bronx and elsewhere. Acting Capt. James Donnelly, with a bench warrant, took McWilliams into custody last night as he was about to speak at 7th Street and Lexington Ave. McWilliams, pants pressed and black hair slicked as usual, took it with Nazi bravado. “I’ll fix it up in the morning and get back to speaking again,” he said. He was held without bail in the Tombs. He probably won’t be examined in Bellevue psycho ward again; they passed him there once as OK. Weegee’s picture shoes McWilliams being booked at Police Headquarters about midnight.

PM, October 24, 1941, p. 15

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