Louis Faurer, New York, late 1940s

Louis Faurer, Playground, New York, New York, 1947 (2013.99.46)

Louis Faurer, [Woman on street with newspaper, New York], 1947 (2013.99.36)

Louis Faurer, 42nd Street, New York, ca. 1948 (2013.99.31)

Louis Faurer, Indian Summer, New York, 1949 (2013.99.50)

One hundred and three years ago today Louis Faurer (1916-2001) was born in Philadelphia.

From Mr. Faurer’s New York Times obituary, written by Margarett Loke:

While running to catch a bus in 1984, Mr. Faurer was hit by a car and never fully recovered from his injuries.

In his unforgiving perfectionism, he might have been expected to cast a jaundiced eye on everything that crossed his path, but he was surprisingly generous when it came to the subjects of his work. For the catalog of a 1981 solo exhibition of his work at the Art Gallery of the University of Maryland in College Park, he wrote, ”My eyes search for people who are grateful for life, people who forgive and whose doubts have been removed, who understand the truth, whose enduring spirit is bathed by such piercing white light as to provide their present and future with hope.”

Louis Faurer, [Woman, with two dogs on a horse, and a street photographer, New York], ca. 1948 (402.1983)

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