Hiroshima: “Intense heat”

Unidentified Photographer, [Severely damaged printing presses, Chugoku Shimbun Building, Hiroshima], October 28, 1945 (2006.1.357)

Building 50: Chugoku Shimbun Building. 5I, GZ3000. First story of reinforced concrete Building 50. Shows newspaper printing press severely damaged by fire which gutted building. Hiroshima: Ground Zero, 1945, p. 109.

Unidentified Photographer, November 5, 1945 [Charred boy’s jacket found near Hiroshima City Hall], (2006.1.406)

6H, GZ3300. Shows partly burned coat of boy who was in open near City Hall [Building 28] 3,800 feet from AZ. Hiroshima: Ground Zero, 1945, p. 96.

Unidentified Photographer, [Steel stairs warped by intense heat from burned book stacks, Asano Library, Hiroshima], November 15, 1945 (2006.1.567)

Building 27. Asano Library. 5H, GZ2400. Open steel stairs in east section of Building 27 through which fire spread up and down from third story. Note warping of steel by intense heat from burned book stacks. Hiroshima: Ground Zero, 1945, p. 81.

Unidentified Photographer, [Flash-burned asphalt on Bridge 20 over the Motoyasu River, Hiroshima], October 26, 1945 (2006.1.422)

6G, GZ2900. Flash burn on asphalt on Bridge 20, 3,500 feet south from AZ. Shadow was cast by man.

The roadway was burned except where the surface was shielded by human footprints and the bridge posts, leaving ghostly shadows. Hiroshima: Ground Zero, 1945, p. 87.

United States Government, The United States Strategic Bombing Survey: Physical Damage Division, The Effects of the Atomic Bomb on Hiroshima, Japan, Volume II, May 1947, pp.96-97 (2011.23.2)

Definition. The zero point may be defined as the point of detonation of the atomic bomb. The point had location in plan and elevation, inasmuch as the bomb burst in the air. Throughout this report the ground location of the point immediately under the burst is designated as ground zero, abbreviated to GZ, and the actual point of detonation in the air is designated as air zero, abbreviated to AZ. Hiroshima: Ground Zero, 1945, p. 18.

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