Julia Pirotte, Resistance in Marseille, 1944

Julia Pirotte, Deux partisans juifs, Marseille, 1944 (368.1983)

Julia Pirotte, Les armes, Marseille, 1944 (362.1983)

Julia Pirotte, L’Insurrection, Marseille, 1944 (363.1983)

Julia Pirotte, Maquis near Venelles, 1944 (377.1983)

Julia Pirotte, Une action près de gardanes, Marseille, 1944 (344.1983)

Julia Pirotte, A combattante, Marseille, 1944 (366.1983)

Julia Pirotte, ICP, May 26, 1983.

75 years ago, in 1944, Julia Pirotte participated in the French resistance. While acting as a courier in and around Marseille she took her camera everywhere. (“Her camera was like a gun or pistol against the Nazis.”) Unsure about her own survival, she made photographs to preserve a part of history.

36 years ago, in 1983, Julia Pirotte spoke at ICP. The following year her photographs were featured in the exhibition: “Julia Pirotte: The Resistance and Liberation of Marseilles, 1941-1945” (July 13, 1984 – August 19, 1984). “Images of Resistance workers and the general squalor of life during the Occupation taken by Julia Pirotte during her participation in the French Resistance in Marseilles.”

Julia Pirotte was born in 1908 and died in 2000.

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