“Flowers, flowers everywhere…” – “An American Town Celebrates in the Old Dutch Fashion”

An American Town Celebrates in the Old Dutch Fashion

An American town energetically carries on the tradition of Dutch cleanliness: Men and girls of Holland, Mich. Whose population of 15,000 is largely of Dutch descent, scrubbing the city streets as the opening feature of the annual tulip festival, which draws tens of thousands of visitors and is perhaps the most beautiful display of its kind in the country.

They make the dirt fly: The men in Dutch garb, wooden shoes and all, lustily wielding their scrubbing brushes in the streets as is the traditional custom of the land of their ancestors.

They would look at home on the shores of the Zuider Zee: Two shy marchers in the school children’s parade…

Mirrored on spotless streets: Boys and girls of the Michigan town halted for a brief rest in the children’s parade.

They can march in wooden shoes: Tiny Bequett and Bobby Gross with a duplicate of the Netherlands milk cart.

The New York Times, Mid-Week Pictorial, June 4, 1932 (2006.18.38)

Views of the Annual Tulip Festival Festival at Holland, Mich

In old world costume for a colorful festival of the new world: Miss Beatrice Kline and Miss Lois Kronemeyer

A typical tulip time girl: Miss Marjorie Klomparens, 15 years old, with an armful of the blossoms which are on display almost by the millions in the annual festival at Holland, Mich.

With a tiny windmill of the old Dutch type: children marching in their parade in the costume of their ancestors.

Loyal Americans in their Dutch guise: Small participants in the parade of the school children at Holland Mich. where many of the customs of the Netherlands are maintained as brought to the region by the early settlers.

Flowers, flowers everywhere: Miss Gertrude Young and Miss Peggy Bergen picking tulips for the annual celebration.

The annual Tulip Festival in Holland, Michigan, population of 33,000, began in 1929. Last month the Tulip Time Festival celebrated its’ 90th anniversary.

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