Easter Sunday

Edwin Rosskam, “Boy dressed up for Easter parade, Chicago”, April 1941, (108.2003)

Russell Lee, “In front of the Pilgrim Baptist church on Easter Sunday, Chicago”, April 1941, (103.2003)

Baptists were by far the South Side’s largest denomination. The photographers visited imposing Pilgrim Baptist Church, then one of Chicago’s largest churches, and home to renowned choirmaster, composer, music publisher, and “Father of Gospel” Thomas Dorsey and singer Mahalia Jackson. Photographing after a service, Lee caught parishioners as they stopped to chat outside the graceful Sullivan and Adler building that had once been a synagogue. (103.2003)

Russell Lee or Edwin Rosskam, [Man photographing three women outside church, Chicago], April 1941 (100.2003)

Seeking to portray the “high standard of appearance” he saw everywhere on the South Side, Rosskam lamented that black and white photography could not portray the “rainbow of color” in both men’s and women’s clothing on Easter Sunday. (100.2003)

Henri Cartier-Bresson, Easter Sunday in Harlem, New York, April 1947

David Vestal, Easter Parade, NYC, April 1949, (83.1998)

Leonard Freed, “Worshipers from Ethiopia during Easter mass service in the chapel of the Ethiopians on the roof of the church of the Holy Sepulchre, Jerusalem,” April 1968, (2014.56.64)

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