Merce Cunningham Centennial

Barbara Morgan, Merce Cunningham – Totem Ancestor, 1942 (545.1986)

Totem Ancestor: Choreography: Merce Cunningham; Music: John Cage; Costumes: Charlotte Trowbridge)

Arnold Eagle, Merce Cunningham in Appalachian Spring, Martha Graham Company, 1944 (552.1987)

Appalachian Spring: Choreography: Martha Graham; Music: Aaron Copland; Set design: Isamu Noguchi

Arnold Eagle, Appalachian Spring, 1944 (99.1989)

Jack Mitchell, Merce Cunningham, 1975 (434.1983)

David Seidner, [Merce Cunningham], 1978 (2007.120.13)

John Loengard , Merce Cunningham, 1987 (188.1987)

Happy 100th birthday Merce Cunningham

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