“There’s Spring in the Air…”

Charles Hoff, [Brooklyn Dodgers Training Camp, Bear Mountain, New York], 1945 (2013.6.15)

Dodgers in training at Bear Mountain.
Under direction of the coach “Chuck” Dressen the Brooklyn Dodgers undergo their first outdoor calisthenic drill at Bear Mountain.
Text typed on paper adhered to verso.

There’s Spring in the Air and Spring in Their Feet
Bear Mountain is renowned for jumping of another sort – with skis – but the Dodgers, training there took advantage of the weather to hold their first outdoor calisthenics drill with coach Chuck Dressen (left) leading the yoomping, bending and general unlimbering.
Newspaper adhered to verso.

Lewis Wickes Hine, Playground in tenement alley, New York, 1909 (2006.55.10)

Charles H. Traub, Astoria Park, New York, (from the “New York on the Edge” series), 1988 (438.1991)

Harold Eugene Edgerton, Pitcher, 1938 (74.1987)

Mickey Pallas, Harlem Globetrotters Baseball Team, 1949 (printed 1986) (610.1987)

Lou Bernstein, Ebbets Field, 1955 (8.1992)

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