Spring (“creation is the thing”)

Barbara Morgan, Spring on Madison Square, 1938 (printed ca. 1978) (532.1986)

Barbara Morgan (1900-1992) at ICP, October 15, 1983, speaking about her origins as an artist, how she learned about photography, husband Willard Morgan’s prediction that photography will be the 20th century art and an international language, working with Edward Weston in 1926 at UCLA, and how her mother’s reading poetry aloud was the inspiration behind her use of photo-montage – a poetic union of the verbal and visual, and more. Barbara Morgan had a studio on 23d Street, just south of Madison Square Park.

Barbara Morgan, Martha Graham–American Document (trio- Maslow-Flier-Mazia), 1938 (printed ca. 1980) (444.1987)

Barbara Morgan, Martha Graham–El Penitente (solo, Hawkins), 1940 (printed ca.1980) (541.1986)

Barbara Morgan, Tossed Cats, 1942 (printed ca.1972) (440.1987)

Margaretta Mitchell, Barbara Morgan, 1978 (36.1983)

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