“the government of the people, by the people, and for the people”

John F. Jarvis, Washington Inaugurated first President of the U.S., ca. 1890 (2012.45.48)

Washington Inaugurated first President of the U.S.
New York, April 30th, 1789. The principles figures in the panel are portraits [of] John Adams, Vice President stood on his right, Mr. Livingstone the Chancellor then came forward in the advance of Roger, Sherman, Alexander Hamilton, General Knox, General St. Clair, Baron Steuben and others. The oath was read by the Chancellor, the hand of Washington lying on the open Bible as he took the oath, and, in the act of kissing the Bible, he was heard distinctly to say: “I swear so help me God.” The Chancellor then said “It is done,” and turning to multitude, proclaimed “long live George Washington, President of the United States.”

Mathew B. Brady, [Abraham Lincoln], May 16, 1861, (2009.15.1)

(This portrait is currently on display in the exhibition: “Your Mirror: Portraits from the ICP Collection.”)

Tichnor Bros., Inc., [Freedom], Stefan Lorant Collection

Thomas McAvoy, [Marian Anderson and her mother on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial after her Easter concert, Washington, DC], April 9, 1939, (1083.2005)

Contralto Marian Anderson’s historic Easter concert, which drew over 75,000 listeners to the Mall, foregrounded the general issue of racism in the United States as well as the specifics of segregation in the nation’s capital. A world-famous singer, Anderson was not allowed to rent the Daughters of the American Revolution’s Washington venue, Constitution Hall, due to their “white artists only” policy. First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt and thousands of other members resigned from the DAR in outrage. Secretary of the Interior Harold Ickes, encouraged by both Roosevelts, Anderson’s manager Sol Hurok, and Walter White of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, arranged for the outdoor Easter concert of the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. Anderson eventually performed at Constitution Hall, at a war relief concert in 1942 and the beginning of her American farewell tour in 1962. (1083.2005)

Cornell Capa, [John F. Kennedy campaigning in Spokane, Washington], September 6, 1960 (106.2004)

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