Atget’s Magnificent Door Knockers (2)

Eugène Atget, Hôtel de Chateaubriand (Hôtel de Clermont-Tonnerre,) 120 Rue du Bac, 1901-02 (2008.111.21)

Google Street View, 120 Rue du Bac, July 2016

Fortunately this magnificent door knocker, partially painted red, appears to still exist in the wild.

Eugène Atget, Heurtoir, 43 Rue Saint-Anne, 1904 (2010.114.23)

Google Street View, 43 Rue Sainte-Anne

Sadly the magnificent door knocker in Eugène Atget’s (1857-1927) beautiful albumen photograph, made 115 years ago, appears to no longer exist in nature. (Although the replacement is not too shabby.)

An exquisite selection of Eugène Atget’s magnificent door knockers presented in chronological order and a Google map.

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