“…Until Justice Rolls Down Like Waters and Righteousness Like a Mighty Stream”

Charles Moore, Martin Luther King arrest in Montgomery, Alabama, 1958 (2011.24.4)

Benedict J. Fernandez, Dr. King addresses the New Politics Convention at the Chicago Coliseum, Chicago, October 1967 (76.1990)

Unidentified photographer, [Rev. H. Ralph Jackson, Martin Luther King Jr., and Rev. Ralph Abernathy, at a civil rights march, Memphis], March 1968 (2012.97.2)

Abernathy Dies– The Rev. Ralph Abernathy, right and the Rev. H. Ralph Jackson, left, flank Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., during a civil rights march in Memphis, Tenn., in March, 1968. Abernathy died Tuesday at a hotel in Atlanta. He was 64.

Ernest Withers, Sanitation Workers Assemble in Front of Clayborn Temple for a Solidarity March, Memphis, Tennessee, March 28, 1968 (2010.72.1)

“I Am A Man” was the theme for Community On The Move For Equality (C.O.M.E.) which spearheaded the Sanitation Workers’ Strike. This was Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.s last march.

Benedict J. Fernandez, Memphis, Tennessee, April 6, 1968 (68.1990)

Eli Reed, [Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial, Montgomery, Alabama], 1995 (2013.102.4)

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