Lu Guang is Missing in China

Lu Guang, The sewage plant of the Fluorine Industrial Park discharges its untreated waste into the riverbed of the Yangtze River through a 1500 meter-long pipeline, Changshu City, Jiangsu Province, “Pollution in China,” June 11, 2009 (2012.14.3)

Lu Guang, Massive water wastes flow into the Yellow River from the Lasengmiao Industrial District in Inner Mongolia, “Pollution in China,” July 26, 2005 (2012.14.5)

Lu Guang, Fumes and dust are everywhere in the Hubin Industrial District, near Shizuishan City, Ningxia, “Pollution in China,” (2012.14.1)

Lu Guang, The Tianjin Steel Plant is a highly polluting enterprise that is deeply affecting the lives of the local residents, She County [Shexian], Hebei Province, “Pollution in China,” March 18, 2008 (2012.14.7)

Lu Guang, The fields along the Yangtze River are polluted by sewage from the factories of the Maanshan Industrial Park, Anhui Province, “Pollution in China,” June 26, 2009 (2012.14.2)

The concerned and documentary photographer Lu Guang is missing. He was working in Xinjiang in northwestern western China. Lu Guang was last heard from in early November, over five weeks ago. The Guardian reports that he “has been taken away by security agents.” Born in Zhejiang Province, China, and now based in New York,Lu Guang has been photographing the ecological disasters in China for over 13 years. He was awarded the W. Eugene Smith Grant in Humanistic Photography in 2009.

Police in China have confirmed that Lu Guang has been arrested in Kashgar [Kaxgar], in the Xinjiang region, (“an autonomous territory in northwest China“).

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