New and Improved Phantasmagorical Photographs

Unidentified Ghoulographers, [Unidentified boy and ghost and Weegee sitting on a throne], ca. 1870 and 1956 (2411.2005 and 19939.1993)

By this time, I had my picture taken by a street tintype photographer, and had been fascinated by the result. (I think I was what you might call a “natural born” photographer, with hypo in my blood.) That street photographer really started the wheels going in my brain. I sent off to a Chicago mail order house for a tintype outfit, and as soon as it came, began to take street tintypes myself.
Weegee by Weegee, p. 14

Unidentified photographer, [A Candid Photo of Weegee], ca. 1940 (19879.1993)

Weegee, [Photo-montage of Weegee looking out of a window above a sign that reads “Famous Seer Clairvoyant”], ca. 1943 (19880.1993)

Weegee, [Cat], ca. 1955 (5682.1993)

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