Ghosts, Spooks, and Spirits

[Telegram addressed to Weegee from Susan Kuehn, Mademoiselle Magazine guest fiction editor, asking about his experience with ghosts and spirits], July 24, 1946 (21581.1993)

Weegee Care Julius’s Bar
159 West 10 St.

We’re doing an article on ghosts, spooks, and spirits for October issue. Would like very much to have your statement on do you believe in them and if so when and where have you seen any. Please wire answer collect immediately.
Susan Kuehn, Mademoiselle, 122 East 42nd St., NY

After the success of Naked City (July 1945) Weegee received a number of colorful and fanciful requests. This telegram was sent to the still extant Julius’s Bar (1864-present) from Susan Kuehn who was working as a guest editor and writer at the 11 year old, and no longer extant, Mademoiselle, (1935-2001). Weegee’s response is not known.

Weegee, Julius’, the oldest bar in the Village at Tenth Street and Waverly Place, rendezous of artists and writers… Joe, the bartender, answers your phone calls, solve’s life’s complicated problems, and even cashes your check…, ca. 1945 (16099.1993)

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