The Giggler, Cleopatra, Rip van Winkle, Clowns, and More…

Unidentified photographer, Ida Cushman as “The Giggler”, Alice Cushman as Queen Elizabeth, Julie Hood as “The Dancing Girl”, Helen Gardner as Cleopatra, Una Longfellow as Maud Miller, Rye Beach, New York, 1874 (2008.81.73)

Unidentified photographer, [Unidentified man leading man wearing a mask and holding a cane], ca. 1875 (2007.54.2)

Unidentified photographer, [Unidentified man imitating Joseph Jefferson as Rip Van Winkle], ca. 1875 (2008.81.22)

Unidentified photographer, [Two cadets wearing masks in mock sword fight], ca. 1985 (2008.81.48)

Unidentified photographer, [Two clowns on stilts], ca. 1875 (2415.2005)

Unidentified photographer, [Two clowns], ca. 1870 (2007.54.30)

Tintypes of people wearing costumes in the 1870s.

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