Lucien Aigner

Lucien Aigner, In the “salle des pas perdues” during the presidential election, Versailles, 1931 (282.1982)

Lucien Aigner, Election Scene on the Grand Boulevard, 1930 (283.1982)

Lucien Aigner, Ballet Practice at the Grand Opera, Paris, 1934 (340.1982)

Lucien Aigner, “Aeroplage” in Le Touquet, ca.1933 (286.1982)

Lucien Aigner, [Family Airplane], ca. 1933 (291.1982)

In this excerpt, of a crowded lecture at ICP on February 15, 1979, Lucien Aigner speaks, at Cornell Capa’s suggestion, about what it was like to be a photojournalist in the 1930s and the significance of Vu magazine and the European picture press and his own beginnings as an indiscreet photojournalist. Two of the people mentioned are an editor of Vu, Carlo Rim (born Jean-Marius Richard, 1905-1989), and Aristide Briand (1862-1932). Born in Hungary 117 years ago today, September 14, Lucien Aigner was a pioneer of photojournalism, broadcaster, director, and producer for the Hungarian section of the Voice of America, writer; studio portrait artist, and archivist of his own photographs.

Lucien Aigner, Do-it-yourself photography at Steeplechase, Coney Island, New York, 1947 (289.1992)

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