Lewis Wickes Hine, Mechanic at steam pump in electric power house, 1920 (2006.55.9)

Robert Capa, [Man pushing cart through muddy tracks, Saarland, France], September 1934 (2412.1992)

Estampa, “La ‘Pasionaria’ abre trincheras la misma energia emocionada que esta admirable mujer del pueblo pone en sus arengas, labor manual, mezclada entre los trabajores de la defensa de Madrid,” November 7, 1936 (2170.2005)

Margaret Bourke-White, Glass Industry – Corning Glass Co., October 1937 (1660.2005)

Lewis Wickes Hine, [Worker doubling, William Skinner and Sons, Holyoke, Massachusetts], 1936-37 (758.1975)

Chim (David Seymour), [Women making bombs in a munitions factory, Spain], 1938 (475.1986)

W. Eugene Smith, Dance of the flaming coke, Pittsburgh, 1955-56 (E.L.1981.15)

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