Leonard Bernstein Centennial

Ruth Orkin (1921-1985), Marian Anderson and Leonard Bernstein, Lewisohn Stadium, New York, June 1947 (1628.1990)

The Ruth Orkin Archive is here.

Ruth Orkin (1921-1985), Bernstein Playing Piano, Lewisohn Stadium, New York, 1947 (1626.1990)

Ruth Orkin (1921-1985), Bernstein conducting, Lewisohn Stadium, New York, 1947 (1625.1990)

Weegee (1899-1968), Leonard Bernstein, ca. 1963 (3835.1993)
(Original photograph by New York Post staff photographer Arty Pomerantz.)

Ken Heyman, [Leonard Bernstein after Philharmonic performance, New York], 1970 (1620.1990)

Ken Heyman, [Leonard Bernstein with family and dog, Connecticut], ca. 1968 (1623.1990)

These photos were featured in an exhibition “Leonard Bernstein Remembered” at ICP, a month after his death, November 16, 1990–January 24, 1991. Ken Heyman’s photos were made for the book “The Private World of Leonard Bernstein.”

Leonard Bernstein was born 100 years ago today, August 25, 1918.

Happy 100th Birthday Leonard Bernstein.

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1 Response to Leonard Bernstein Centennial

  1. Mary Engel says:

    Thanks for the beautiful post to honor Bernstein Chris! Just back from Tanglewood last night, and the centennial concert was amazing! It will be broadcast in December.

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