Listening to Records

Martin Munkacsi, [Listening to records], 1930s

Weegee, After midnight in Washington Square Park, Folk Dance, ca. 1946 (14213.1993)

Gordon Parks, “Ralph Ellison’s ‘Invisible Man,'” 1952 (1606.2005)

Retreat is found beneath the city in an underground room. Here surrounded by lights, he plays records and eats ice cream and sloe gin as he broods over his invisibility to take this symbolic picture. Parks built a special room and wired it for lights then he superimposed the picture of the room on a picture of New York at night. Life, August 25, 1952, pp. 10-11.

Curtis Humphrey, [Debra Brown and woman sitting on sofa and looking at records, Texas], February 1971 (DA.2A30A.154)

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