Wm. J. S. Bradway, Baptismal Service at Canton Baptist Church, Easter, Hancock’s Bridge, New Jersey, 1908 (2010.5.10)

Russell Lee, [Boys on Easter morning, Chicago], April 1941 (109.2003)

Russell Lee (1903-1986), Part of the Easter Parade on the South Side, Chicago, April 1941 (99.2003)

[Russell] Lee and [Edwin] Rosskam created a rare and vibrant record of Easter observances among affluent and middle class churchgoers. At distinctly fashionable St. Edmund’s Episcopal, they worked in the street with small cameras before and during the processional “Blessing of the Bounds” ceremony. Such sophisticated, socially prominent church members were staples of the black press, but their resemblance to white “Society” never attracted the attention that white documentarians and photojournalists have paid to the demonstrative nature of fundamentalist worship. (99.2003)

Henri Cartier-Bresson, Easter Sunday in Harlem, New York, from The Decisive Moment, p. 42, 1947

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