Margo Talks – and Mary Morris Photographs

Mary Morris, [Margo], 1942

Oh, no! The people of Mexico aren’t lazy like most people think…
Look. When Americans say this to me I boil. I say to them…

Mary Morris, [Margo], 1942

Whenever there’s dire poverty there’s lack of initiative, progress…

Mary Morris, [Margo], 1942

I say that before Cardenas the poor people of Mexico starved…
They were paid practically nothing and worked long, long hours…

Mary Morris, [Margo], 1942

So they became apathetic, lost their pride. But apathy isn’t laziness!

PM, December 13, 1942, pp. 20-21


Margo Talks – and U.S. Mexican Relations Improve

by Peggy Wright

Mexican-born Margo, concert dancer and stage, screen and radio actress, not only tells, in broadcasts to Latin America, why we are fighting this war; she not only sells war bonds – $37,000 worth at a rally of soldiers in Atlantic City two weeks ago, for instance – but also – and this is her greatest claim to fame as a home front heroine – Margo talks her head off.

It’s the sort of talk that has made her an unofficial good will propagandist between the people of Mexico and the United States, and inspired Vice President Wallace to describe her recently as “The Voice of Americas.”

“…Now that I’m an American citizen – (Margo got her final papers four weeks ago) – I like to think of myself as an American of the Americas. I think there are going to be lots of those after this war.” PM, December 13, 1942, p. 20


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