Ilse Bing: “It’s better.”

Ilse Bing, Three Men on Steps near the Seine, 1931 (16.1991)

Ilse Bing, Danseuses à l’école Laban, 1929 (29.1991)

Ilse Bing, The Honorable Daisy Fellowes, Gloves by Dent in London for Harper’s Bazaar, 1933 (17.1991)

Ilse Bing, [Two shoes and hem of skirt], 1935 (23.1991)

Ilse Bing, Orchestra pit, Théâtre des Champs d’ Elysées, Paris, 1933 (215.1991)

Ilse Bing, [View of Empire State building at night], 1939 (2012.87.29)

(Irrelevant to these photos, but bloggable.)

Ilse Bing, [New York Public Library], 1949 (2013.107.8)

Ilse Bing, ICP, March 15, 1986

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