Marching (“to demand equality for all humans”)

Michael Rougier, Women in Budapest march in honor of men who died fighting communists, 1956 (1906.2005)

Charles Moore, [March on Washington], August 28, 1963 (178.1991)

Bruce Davidson, [At the end of the march, crowds gather outside of the Alabama State Capitol], 1965 (2006.15.17)

Aslak Aarhus, March in celebration of the unification of the popular political organizations, San Salvador, January 22, 1980 (379.2005)

When coffee prices dropped during the Depression in the 1930s, landless peasants began to organize, leading to an insurrection of the rural poor in 1932. The army responded by killing 30,000 people, consolidating the military’s control and its relationship to the powerful, land-owning elite. This march celebrating the unification of the left was held on the anniversary of the peasant uprising. (379.2005)

Kevin McKiernan, “Mothers of the Disappeared” protest against the death squads in the capital city of San Salvador. Over 70,000 Salvadorans have died in nine years of civil unrest. Most were victims of these “Escuadrones de la Muerte”, El Salvador, ca. 1980 (392.1988)

Gideon Mendel, Treatment Action Campaign (TAC) march during the “Breaking the Silence” International AIDS Conference, 2000 (2006.42.4)

Treatment Action Campaign March, XIII International AIDS Conference, Durban, KwaZulu/Natal, South Africa, 2000. A protest march through the streets of Durban organized by Treatment Action Campaign (TAC) during the “Breaking the Silence” International AIDS Conference. The protesters were demanding free access to drug therapy for people with HIV or AIDS in Third World countries. Protesters wore HIV-positive tee shirts to challenge the stigma so often associated with the disease. (2006.42.4)

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