For the birds

Richard Tepe (1873-1952), Two young brown chicks in their nest, ca. 1910-40 (323.2001)

Richard Tepe (1873-1952), Female aquatic warbler in her nest with young, June 25, 1935 (305.2001)

Richard Tepe (1873-1952), A bullfinch with its young at the nest in a birch, ca. 1910-40, (319.2001)

Richard Tepe (1873-1952), [Mother Feeding Her Children in Her Nest], ca. 1910-40 (312.2001)

Richard Tepe (1873-1952), [Tall bird standing on big open field], ca. 1910-40 (325.2001)

More about Richard Tepe: Richard Tepe: An Early Look into Nature. Of local interest, The Wild Bird Fund is doing great work by providing “medical care and rehabilitation to native and passing migrant wildlife so that they can be released back into the wild.” January 5th is National Bird Day.

Louise Dahl-Wolfe (1895-1989), My birds, in memory of Hazel Kingsbury and Paul Strand, 1974 (87.1982)

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