Vera Talbot: From Honolulu to Yokohama

Vera Talbot, [Travel Album through Asia, Southeast Asia, India, Africa, and Europe by Vera Talbot], 1924-26 (2009.32.68)

On this day, December 5, in 1924, Vera Talbot began her two year, around-the-world, voyage from San Fransisco to “Honolulu, Japan, China, Indo-China, Siam, Burma, India, Africa, Europe.” The first leg of her journey was “from Honolulu, Dec. 5, 1924 to Yokohama, Dec. 15, 1924” on board the S.S. President Taft.

A Flapper’s Trip Around the World
In 1924 Vera Talbot, a California socialite, departed San Francisco on a two-year journey… Vera’s album is a dense collage of images culled from books, souvenir postcards, maps, brochures, itineraries, and her personal photographs. the result is an album as energetic as her time: the roaring Twenties. “Around the World: The Grand Tour in Photo Albums,” Barbara Levine and Kirsten M. Jensen, 2007.

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