United Nations Day, 2017

Unidentified Photographer, [President John F. Kennedy speaking at the U. N. General Assembly, United Nations], September 20, 1963 (2013.96.138)

UNITED NATIONS: President Kennedy keeps his hands busy as he addresses United Nations General Assembly 9/20. In his speech he suggested cooperstion between the United States and Russia in reaching the moon and achieving other space goals. UPI TELEPHOTO

Arnold Newman (1918-2006), [Adlai Stevenson in the United Nations Council Room, New York], March 12, 1967 (2013.99.2)

Benedict J. Fernandez, Dr. Benjamin Spock, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and Monsignor Rice of Pittsburgh march in the Solidarity Day Parade at the United Nations Building, April 15, 1967 (79.1990)

Ken Regan, Peter, Paul, and Mary at the United Nations, 1967 (2013.114.15)

To commemorate United Nations Day, “promoting human rights, social progress, and world peace,” this blog post presents five photos made at or made in the United Nations building, in New York City, and made in the 1960s.

“The 24th of October, the day in 1945 when the UN Charter entered into force, is celebrated annually as United Nations Day.”

Weegee (1899-1968), [U.N Building], ca. 1963 (5901.1993)

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